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About Sift Heads

If you want to play real action-shooting flash game, you are on the right place here. You will have a chance to control cities all over the world and also you will complete interesting and mysterious missions from the different parts of the countries. Everyone knows, that Sift heads is the most popular shooting flash game on the web nowadays, It is played by more than 50 million people all over the world almost every day. The main characters of the gameplay are animated stick figures. There are many options, which you can choose in the menu. You are able to use more than 9 kinds of weapons in each mission, after you have completed mission you will be given coins and with them you can buy weapons and other stuff in the web store. Gameplay takes place in different places for example: in the street, in the jungle or inside the building. So Sift Heads game has a lot possibilities for gamers. Top baby gamesbatman-games free top baby games Pokemon Games

Upgrades in Sift Heads Games.

There many series of Sift Heads games on the web, but the most popular for players are: Sift Heads 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 series. Animators and developers try to give us new upgrades in almost every new version of the game. There are more than 20 missions In the first version of the game, also developers introduced people multi functional static screen with mission name, objective of the game and money, which you will be given after you will have done this mission. In Sift Heads 2 new tabs are added in the menu, you will be able to choose or buy more than 9 kinds of weapons in the gun shop. Also new animated cars are used during the gameplay. Sift Heads 3 is entirely different version of the game, because the level modes are added into the menu, also new credit-roll videos are played before beginning of the mission. So now I will tell you Sift Heads 4, 5 and 6 together, because there are a lot of news for players in each version. There are more than 20 missions in the game, also you will have to complete daily missions to get extra coins. Also Star function is added to the weapons and armors, During using weapon there will be stars in the corner of the screen, which tells you precision and noise of the weapon. free top baby games cubefield happy wheels unblocked gamesduck life 5dora games

How to Play Sift Heads

There are a lot of ways, how you can control stick figure characters. In the first series, players were able to control them using mouse and with only one button on keyboard (r), which is used when Vinnie reloads his gun. After Sift Heads 2 version of the game, developers added a lot of keyboard, which you can use during the gameplay, For example: players are able to move their characters across the screen using ( W, A , S and D ) keyboards. So as I sad now there are many keyboard functions during gameplay, If you are interested more in them, play Sift Heads on our website. play return man 2run 3 fullscary maze gameTemple Run 2 Hackstrike force heroes 2 hacked